I’m Tanya Logan, originally from Tennessee. I don’t associate myself with a particular denomination; I’ll let God figure all that out. Instead I try to live in an authentic, what-would-Jesus-do way.

I was Tanya Davis for years and years, and you can still find a lot of my writing online under that name.

My husband is Mickey Logan, of Michael Logan Appraisals . Have you ever known somebody about whom everyone said, “He’s such a nice guy…”? That’s Mickey. We’ve been married 8 years.

Tanya Logan author

Mickey and I transplanted ourselves in 2013 from TN to Florida, where we wake up every day to Just Another Day In Paradise. We love it.

Tanya and Mickey Logan

We have quite a few pets:

Tucker the cockatiel Ernie white capped Pionus Gouldian finches


Piper maltese

(Don’t let Piper fool you, behind that fence. She’s usually on my lap or at my feet. That day we were boating back in… she waits by the fence. She’s afraid of the boat.)

Our newest addition, Cricket. She’s too cute and funny so she gets more photos than the rest of us.

IMG_4290IMG_4257 (1)

The Sad Puppy Pose. It doesn't mean anything, except that she knows she's in trouble.
The Sad Puppy Pose. It doesn’t mean anything, except that she knows she’s in trouble.











Sadly, we lost our beautiful Noelle last year. The end of YEARS of Corgi ownership. (Yes, I know that’s not a pure Corgi – Noelle earned the title of honorary Corgi. 🙂 )

Our older Corgi mix Noelle






I like to play the violin and piano, paint in oils, and fool around with junk journal designs.

I wear a lot of labels, but mostly I would tell you I’m a Christian author.

I believe that life with Jesus is just one great big adventure, and you need to jump on the roller coaster with the rest of us and try it out. I have never been as happy, deeply happy, deeply satisfied in a way that no one else could make me feel as when I’m on the “right path” listening to the still, small Voice.

Trust me, I fall off that path a lot.

Fortunately it’s not about how messy I am; it’s about getting back on the path.

Now — enough about me!! Life is about our walk with God…everything else is superfluous.

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