One Step Closer: 7 Ways to Hear the Voice of Godone_step_closer3d

An e-course to help you focus on ways to become closer to God by listening for His voice.

It’s a downloadable ebook that you can save and refer back to later. 50 pages/ over 13,000 words

Packed with hints to help you:

  • Listen with your heart
  • Truly hear the Spirit speak to you
  • Pray and know your prayers are heard
  • Find your own best way to worship

Just a few ways we’re getting you out of your comfort zone:

• Find a sacred space
• Develop a routine for prayer
• Try a discipline you haven’t tried before
• Begin to journal the journey
• Get the Word in front of you more than once a day
• Find practical ways to practice love, holiness, and humility

You may not choose to do all of these things, but they are available for you to study.

By spending some time on one phase of the journey, hearing the voice of God, you will give time and attention to each step as it deserves.

Your relationship with God is the most important relationship you have had or will ever have.By deepening your focus you can form the relationship you want with the Lord.

Your story is beautiful and important. Most of all, it is yours and yours alone. God did not make anyone else like you. You are entirely unique. If loving the Lord with all your heart, soul, and might is what you want, don’t let one more thing get in your way.