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Tanya Logan is a long-time writer, author and speaker. Originally from Tennessee, she has also spent time in Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. Tanya has ghost written 11 books, two of which remained on the best seller’s list for two years. In 2013 she closed her music store, Fiddlesticks Stringed Instruments, and moved to Florida, where she has continued to write through her own imprint, Finch Hollow Press. 

Tanya holds a Master’s Degree in Christian Education. Prior to that, her education was in mathematics but her interest was playing in the symphony orchestra. She started playing viola at the age of 10. Besides violin, viola, and cello, Tanya is an accomplished pianist and is now enjoying Celtic harp.

Being a Gemini, Tanya can’t have only one interest – so she writes non-fiction books about pet birds and also Christian Bible studies. She also recently has tried her hand at fiction. She throws herself into each subject wholeheartedly because, “Life is one great adventure; we never know where it will take us next!”

About Me

Education for Pet Bird Owners

I got my first cockatiel in the 1980s, and did everything wrong. It’s all we knew back then! Now, the Internet allows us to learn about birds and how to keep them, yet I still see lots of tiny cages, seed- only diets, and birds being passed from owner to owner because of unacceptable behavior.

My goal is to help change all that through education owners and giving them simple tools for successfully keeping – and enjoying – their birds.

Tanya Logan Author

Bible Studies for Real People

 In 2013 I sat down with 6 pieces of paper. Six books I potentially wanted to write. When I prayed over them, the Lord was very clear that I should go in the direction I took with Come Back to Jesus. That direction is to show people how to clear the clutter so they have more time to worship God better.

To me, a large part of that is getting people into their Bibles. So that’s what I try to do. I’m happy to lead a group, or to just write books so that others can use them for small group study.


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