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AKA I want to write!

Ahhh life is so full of interruptions. Did you ever realize that, before you were a writer? I didn’t. or maybe I didn’t care. But now I work hard to stay on task, and avoid interruptions. Following are a few ideas that you might find useful.

Put away the phone. You can silence the ringer but it’s still over  there, buzzing or lighting up. Just put it in the drawer or better yet in another room.

Unplug the internet. As I’ve mentioned here before, playing on the Internet is one of the biggest time sucks on the planet. Detach, my friend. Unplug, turn off the Wi-Fi button on  your computer – whatever it takes.

Tell your friends. I find you have to tell them and tell them and tell them. “I write from 6-10 a.m. every day. If you need to call me, try me after that.” Then remind them every time they call during writing time. You did turn the phone off, right?

Deal with your spouse. Hopefully they’re on board with you being a writer. Ask for his or her support.  Point out that support means not interrupting/ not letting the kids interrupt. Shut the door if you must. I put a sign on my desk that says “writer at work.” If it’s there, he’s’ not supposed to interrupt.

Make a note. When those inevitable interruptions happen, grab a pen – or just keep typing where you are – and make note of where you were going next. “After this Janey will find the dead body.” “Mention Gouldian genetics.”

Use headphones. Preferably big, bulky ones. People are less inclined to interrupt people wearing headphones.

After implementing these ideas, you should have the majority of interruptions down to a dull roar. you’ll be able to stay on task better. What was that? I can’t hear you! I’m writing!

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