What is a Street Team?

I’m always looking for interested parties to add to my Street Team. A Street Team is sometimes confused with a beta reader group, but in my mind they’re not the same. While the beta readers help an author at the beginning of the journey by editing and offering comments on a new or in-progress manuscript, a Street Team helps at the end.

The Street Team members write book reviews for sites like Amazon and Goodreads (or the others of their choice), publish the review on their own blog, or tell potential readers about the book. “Telling” could take place in a newsletter, or simply by guiding people in a forum to the book’s page.

If you’re interested in joining my Street Team – trust me, I’m excited! Please fill out the form below to be considered.

Thanks very much for your interest!


Please fill in details like where you plan to share the book, which social media you like, etc.