Visual Aids for Remembering God

This is a VERY SHORT video that I made because I was running off on tangents in the previous one. Here’s one of the tangents: do you use visual aids to help you remember things God told you, Bible verses, etc? What are they? Here are a couple of mine. 🙂

Finding Spiritual Balance

In Psalm 73, we see how the Psalmist begins by having some doubt and wondering why the wicked “seem” to be successful. Then he comes before the Lord and his peace is restored….he begins to worship. Follow along with me as we study this important chapter.

Guilty…but are you?

So many Christians have feelings of guilt. They could be legitimate — or it could be false guilt, brought on by the enemy to make you feel confused and ashamed instead of victorious! Watch the video to find out more. Here are the verses given and discussed, plus a few extras: 2 Corinthians 7:10 Psalm […]

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