The Gouldian Finch Handbook

If you have ever considered keeping Gouldian Finches, this comprehensive book is for you. It is packed with everything about keeping Gouldians, including current advice on:

  • The best diet for Gouldian Finches – keep them healthy!
  • How to keep Gouldians in great condition, making you proud to own them.
  • What kind of cage suits their needs without breaking your wallet
  • How to breed the Lady Gouldian Finch successfully, even if you never have before
  • Recognizing and dealing with illness, egg binding, and injuries
  • How to hand-feed baby birds effectively
  • What birds can cohabitate peacefully with Gouldians
  • Gouldian finch genetics, presented in an easy-to-understand format
  • What one illness is most prevalent and how to prevent it
  • Preventive care for finches
  • Sources for healthy foods

Plus there’s plenty of related material being constantly added to on the author’s website.

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Meet The Author

"My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers."

Feeding Finches || For Health and Longevity

Does your pet finch or canary THRIVE or just SURVIVE?
Do you need RECIPES specifically for small pet birds?
Diet is everything and, since 90% of pet birds are malnourished, every owner needs to learn exactly what to feed their bird and how to present it.


This very short book is a jump-start to better health. It tells you:

  • About nutrition in a language everyone can understand
  • How to incorporate the CHOPP™ Method for better health
  • How to provide the Big 3 nutrients birds usually miss
  • How to feed finicky eaters
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