The Gouldian Finch Handbook


If you have ever considered keeping Gouldian Finches, this comprehensive book is for you. It is packed with everything about keeping Gouldians, including current advice on:

  • The best diet for Gouldian Finches – keep them healthy!
  • How to keep Gouldians in great condition, making you proud to own them.
  • What kind of cage suits their needs without breaking your wallet
  • How to breed the Lady Gouldian Finch successfully, even if you never have before
  • Recognizing and dealing with illness, egg binding, and injuries
  • How to hand-feed baby birds effectively
  • What birds can cohabitate peacefully with Gouldians
  • Gouldian finch genetics, presented in an easy-to-understand format
  • What one illness is most prevalent and how to prevent it
  • Preventive care for finches
  • Sources for healthy foods

Plus there’s plenty of related material being constantly added to on the author’s website.

Feeding Finches


I feel a need to explain myself. All this time I have written about

  1. Writing
  2. Christian Living
  3. Real Estate Development

And here suddenly I’m writing about — birds?!?

Well if you read far down into our “about” section you know about my love of parrots, finches, cockatiels, etc. Basically if it flies I’m a fan. I’ve kept Lady Gouldian Finches for ages, they’re tiny and beautiful… and make your home sound like a nice jungle. But there’s not a lot of information about some aspects of Gouldians, in fact most of the dietary and disease testing has been done on CHICKENS. I am not kidding.

Anyway skipping forward, I found that way too many people were still feed their finches and parrots seed only. Which is sort of akin to you and me eating saltine crackers 24/7. So I wrote this book, it’s got a lot of information about health and which vitamins/minerals they need, and each chapter covers one part of the diet. And there are recipes. So here it is……..

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Come Back to Jesus


Come Back to Jesus–and Don’t Bring your Blackberry

My latest book is a 6-week Bible study. It’s about how to clear the junk out of the way so we can worship God in a better, more relaxed way. You don’t have any junk, you say? How many times have you sighed “Oh–I’m so busy,” or “so stressed out,” etc. Those are the words that indicate you’re too covered up to spend time with God. They are a signal that we need to get our priorities in order.

God. Is. The. Priority.


Available in paperback and Kindle versions.