Do You Love Reading?

I’m always looking for savvy readers who could become a part of my Beta Readers’ Group – or my Street Team! Enthusiastic readers welcome to apply. I mostly write non-fiction, but there’s a novel coming soon for you fiction readers. 🙂


A Few Housekeeping Matters…

Hi there. You might have noticed a small (ha-ha) change on the website. I want to tell you all about why I did that, and what’s going to happen as we move forward. For two or three years I’ve let this site languish as I struggled with what I was doing and what I wanted […]

The Dreadlocks Debacle

Sometime last summer I decided dreadlocks (lox) would be a good idea. I was going through a spiritual renewal, and I thought a change to lox would help me remember that. I was headed to a conference where I wanted to be noticed and remembered. And – hey, I do funky things with my hair […]

Hair Color Alternatives – Henna

For those who color their hair – does your scalp ever burn when you have color, or more correctly developer on your hair? Mine always has. Sometimes it’s not awful; other times I can feel the chemical burn etching into my scalp. Usually it will remain sore for 2-5 days, then begins to itch and […]

90-Day New Testament Reading Plan

This is a reading plan covering (only) the New Testament, and it’s done in 90 days! I’ve laid it out in chronological order, so you aren’t reading strictly from front to back. Here’s my thinking. You know how we always make New Year’s resolutions, and by late spring we’ve fallen off the wagon? Well this […]

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