Simplify, Simplify

I was talking to my 30-year-old daughter a few months back about 2 habits I always made sure I kept doing. One is putting on makeup before going out. That […]


I Want to Belong Somewhere

Filling the Holes in our Hearts Some time back I searched through a number of Christian blogs. I was looking for a tiny bit of encouragement, a message of hope, […]

When You Feel You Aren’t Good Enough

Coming face to face with our own insecurities I am currently working (slowly) through the book The Creative Call by Janice Elseheimer, shown here. It’s really written–I think– more for […]

Welcome to my Home

Crafting this week

I confess. I’ve submersed myself in art and creativity this week, to the exclusion of almost everything else. While doing that, my mental wheels were turning as I began to […]

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