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This is a reading plan covering (only) the New Testament, and it’s done in 90 days! I’ve laid it out in chronological order, so you aren’t reading strictly from front to back.

Here’s my thinking. You know how we always make New Year’s resolutions, and by late spring we’ve fallen off the wagon? Well this is a very short plan. So by the time you start missing one or two, you’re more than halfway done! Yay!

So you can download the entire reading schedule below. Or, go to my Facebook page and jump in/ join us, the readings there are posted one at a time day-by-day. Great for FB addicts. 🙂 Look for the first video, below. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel (or click “like” on FB) to stay in touch.

Please be sure to share your thoughts as you explore the New Testament. When you read it at this speed, things tend to “click” in a way you never saw before.

If you enjoy it, please share it!

Reading Schedule – Through the NT in 90 days, Chronological Order



Provided by: Tanya Logan, author of Come Back to Jesus—and Don’t Bring your Blackberry

FaceBook: TanyaLoganAuthor


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