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The Dreadlocks Debacle

Sometime last summer I decided dreadlocks (lox) would be a good idea. I was going through a spiritual renewal, and I thought a change to lox would help me remember that. I was headed to a conference where I wanted to be noticed and remembered. And – hey, I do funky things with my hair […]

Hair Color Alternatives – Henna

For those who color their hair – does your scalp ever burn when you have color, or more correctly developer on your hair? Mine always has. Sometimes it’s not awful; other times I can feel the chemical burn etching into my scalp. Usually it will remain sore for 2-5 days, then begins to itch and […]

90-Day New Testament Reading Plan

This is a reading plan covering (only) the New Testament, and it’s done in 90 days! I’ve laid it out in chronological order, so you aren’t reading strictly from front to back. Here’s my thinking. You know how we always make New Year’s resolutions, and by late spring we’ve fallen off the wagon? Well this […]

My Boho Clothing Adventure

So, along with my hairstyle change came a clothing change. Or maybe the clothes happened first. Anyway I wanted to go loose, layered, and bohemian (boho). Thing is, it’s hard to find boho clothes under $400 that Don’t look cheap Aren’t see-through Work for South Florida’s semi-tropical humidity and heat Enter the sewing machine. I […]


Friday Five – May 5, 2017

Habit Stacking, aka Many Steps to Self-Discipline I’ve read numerous books by author Steve Scott, so it’s no surprise that I picked up Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take 5 Minutes or Less (affiliate link, but it’s free for Kindle.) It’s sort of exhausting to read, as the habits are sort of stacked […]


Friday Five March 31

If God is everywhere, why are so many people lonely? I hear from readers about loneliness almost every day. One of my most popular articles is How to know God, but another one had the title “I Want to Belong Somewhere.“  We have an innate desire to belong and to feel loved. We want and […]


He Has Numbered the Stars

“He has numbered the stars, and calls them all by name.” Psalm 147:4 I’ve created a colorful new bookmark/Journaling tag for you today with the above verse on it. You will receive: (1) a margin tag/bookmark 2 inches wide (the size that fits my Bible) (2) a margin tag/bookmark 1-1/2 inches wide (it fits most […]

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