So, along with my hairstyle change came a clothing change. Or maybe the clothes happened first. Anyway I wanted to go loose, layered, and bohemian (boho). Thing is, it’s hard to find boho clothes under $400 that

  • Don’t look cheap
  • Aren’t see-through
  • Work for South Florida’s semi-tropical humidity and heat

Enter the sewing machine.

I sewed a ton but that was years ago. More recently I dragged out my machine and tried to re-learn. (I’m selling a few of them on etsy. I seem to love making little girls’ Princess dresses.) Anyway all that made it easier to make my own clothes, once I realized that’s what I have to do.

To me, boho is loose, layered, flowy. Cooler fabrics like linen — NO polyester! Big earrings, open sandals.

So here are a few ideas I had for a DIY boho wardrobe. The whole concept is on hold while I lose weight. What do you think? Do you have some favorite boho clothing ideas?

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Pinterest sample from tanyabeads

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