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You know how people always pledge to read the Bible for the New Year, and then they don’t? Well – I have a plan that I hope is fail-proof. Let’s read only the New Testament, and let’s do it in 90 days. That way you have a fast-forward overview, but its only 90 days so you won’t want to wimp out or stall along the way.

Right? Cause it’s only 90 days. Join us by commenting below.

More information — my zone is always a guilt-free zone. We start on Jan. 1, and I will give you the daily reading each day (or the whole file, if you prefer). But if you get behind, don’t fret. The Bible says fret not! 🙂 Just move on to the next day’s reading, or if you can double up and do 2 at once. We read the Bible through in a year with a class a couple years ago, and most members found it was better just to skip forward to the right date and start there. No worries– do what works best for you.

I’ll ask only a couple of questions each day, for the purpose of discussion. Please discuss freely with your fellow readers, and play nice! If you feel this needs to be a “closed” group in order to have discussion, let me know. For now, I like it being open so that more people feel free to drop in as they are able.

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