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Hi there,

Here is a new set of journaling cards for you to use in  your Bible — or anywhere. They are free to download right now, but they’ll move to my Digi Doodads site tomorrow soon.

How do you use them, you ask. Many of you have had this question. I’m going to be making some videos, but here’s one way I use them:

Print out the cards onto inexpensive cardstock – you can also do plain printer paper, but the cardstock holds up longer, especially if you are going to doodle or draw on it. 😉 Cut each one out with scissors. (I have a guillotine cutter that makes it even easier, if you have one try it).

Keep the card(s) handy as you study your Bible. You might want to set a certain goal, like to find and study 10 favorite verses. Or maybe you’re in Proverbs this month, or maybe you have a certain topic or word study going. When you’re doing your regular study and you feel that a verse jumps out at you, stop and study on that for a bit. Try to hear what the Spirit is telling you.

Once you have it clear in your mind, select a card. You can either copy the verse, illustrate it, or both! You can use both sides; and these are called JOURNALING cards, so you might simply mark the verse in your Bible as usual and journal about it on the card. You may even want to jot the date down along with the inspiration you received.

To keep the cards on the right page, I recommend using washi tape. You can tape it right inside the Bible where it won’t be in the way and you won’t lose it. Washi tape won’t tear your pages if you decide to re-position it later.

Some of mine:



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