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In just a few minutes, there will be a new section on my site called “Freebies.” I’m ridiculously excited to be offering them. I think I had free downloads before, when the site was hosted elsewhere. Then I moved it and somehow lost the files, along with some images (that is why, if you dig farther back, some are missing).

ANYWAY. The files are: 

A set of 4 bible verses you can print out and use or give away. (You can print them over and over — so do both! *smiles)

And a set of 4 bookmarks, 2 with lines for writing and 2 with no lines.

Hint: The bookmarks are just exactly the width of a 2-inch Bible margin — so use them for Bibling! Squeeee!

*Bibling: Bible Journaling, but where it is about the Bible. Not about art, coloring, etc.

The. Bible.

This is something I have been wanting to do with you FOREVER and now I’m finally starting. It feels so good. I had 30,000 vsiitors to my blog last year. Thirty thousand.

That’s as much as some of you get in a day, I know. But imagine how many people we can reach if we really try? Right?

So I hope you are with me on this journey, and please DO enjoy the cards and bookmarks.

Print Now